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Kids Blowing Bubbles
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coming together to
learn through play

Our mission is to encourage life-long collaborative learning through creativity and play

Milton Bradley is more than just a game and toy company.  It is an organization founded in fun, and supporting collaborative learning through play for all ages.  

Started by the brilliant inventor and education enthusiast by the same name, Milton Bradley strives to fulfill his vision and support education through play to help us grow together. Now the company is rebranding to find new avenues to support and educate in our communities. This rebranding will include a new logo and visual system, an assessment of our mission and audience, as well as a look into future services and products potential.



Young kids need to make mistakes and get messy to begin to understand the world around them. Even as adults we learn best through mistakes and finding our own path.



Using both sides of the brain helps develop critical thinking and problem solving in learners of all ages.



Learning happens when we are creative and experiment through play.  That play can help us develop and grow without even realizing we  are learning.

who we were.


Starting in the 1800s, the brand started with a well crafted, but home-made style to match the technology of the times.  Bradley was a big proponent of reusing and finding new and creative uses for things instead of getting rid of them.  This fueled the creativity of the brand and resulted in some very unique and functional new games and products.


who we strive to be.

The future of the brand will be colorful and playful as well as messy.  Experimenting is a large part of play for kids and adults, and it is important to let loose and get a little messy to see what will happen. We continue to reuse materials in new and creative ways and work with each other to have fun and get creative for unexpected results.

our new brand

Milton Bradley’s new updated logo was implemented in 2020 and represents a more modern and playful image to better represent the brand.

A thought bubble rests above the name “Milton Bradley” showing the potential for expression, creativity and imagination within us all.

rebranding process.


This first book explains the research and background of the company, explores the target audience, and looks at our competition to better understand our place in the market.


With the research during the strategy phase, this second book documents and explains the process for developing the new logo and visual presentation of the brand.


A new logo and brand aesthetic needs standards to ensure a consistent use and visual front for the company.  Here we detail exactly how to use the logo, typefaces, colors, and more.


Here we explore new options for potential markets, educational opportunities and services we can
provide to support our audience and provide fun learning for
the community.

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