Our mission focuses on encouraging collaboration and teamwork. To support this mission, we focused our new effort on finding markets and opportunities to facilitate this cooperation for users of different ages, backgrounds, and across the globe.

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MB Adopt-a-grandparent

The MB Adopt-a-Grapdparent program reinforces our mission of collaboration for a life-long pursuit of learning by bringing generations together to share knowledge and have fun together. Whether reading a story together, doing an arts and craft project, or playing a game together, participants are sure to form a bond, and learn together.

MB Adopt-a-Grandparent is unique from other mentoring programs because it fosters a two-way street of benefits for both members in the partnership.  This program is not only about providing mentorship and support for young students, but also providing companionship and stimulation for senior citizens of our community.

Funded by Milton Bradly, elementary students will be paired with nearby retirement homes to visit and connect the generations.  There, students will practice reading to their adopted grandparents, or make a painting with them.  The interaction will not only form needed social interactions for all participants, but will encourage trying new things and supporting the community.

EXP.1  |  experience

Bringing generations together for mentorship, companionship, and community.

MB Interactive Tutoring

Our tutors are trained educators in alternative education. We are here to help your struggling student learn in a different way. When school just isn’t working, let us step in for the afternoons to help with new ways to teach through fun. Your students won’t even know they are learning, but their grades are guaranteed to improve.

MB Interactive Tutoring reinforces our mission of collaborating for improved education by pairing students with trained educators to work together to find the best learning methods personalized for each individual.

Our MB Interactive Tutoring is unique from other tutoring services like Kahn Academy and Tutor Doctor because we focus on kinesthetic learning and alternative education models.

SER.1  |  service

Experience innovative new teaching techniques with one-on-one focused education to help students stay ahead.

MB Teacher Training

With Milton Bradley Teacher’s Training, educators can sign up fora wide variety of rotating workshops.  Whether practicing conflict resolution techniques, learning the newest trends in Biology from experts in the field, or group problem-solving sessions, there is a workshop for everyone.

MB Teacher Training Workshops reinforce our mission statement of collaboration through education by bringing teachers and experts together to create improved learning environments for students everywhere.

While competitors currently provide online resource classes for teachers, MB Teacher Training has the added benefit of learning together.  This collaboration helps improved learning and makes it more fun.

EDU.1  |  educational opportunity

Teachers will find resources and support at these engaging and collaborative workshops.

MB Labs

As a community of life-long learners, MB Labs serves as a central point providing space for workshops, a place to meet like-minded new friends, and an opportunity to explore new tools and share ideas with peers.

MB Labs reinforces our mission of collaborating and learning through play by providing a space where kids and adults can come together with others in their community to play and experiment, all while learning as they go.

The idea of collaborative spaces to foster innovation and provide tools individuals may not otherwise have access to is not new.  Where MB Labs stands apart from companies like Fab Lab and Maker Studio, is their focus on children’s learning and tools in collaboration with adults and parents..

ENV.2  |  environment

These community centers will offer classes, connect community members and provide tools and space for experimenting.

MB Penpals App

Like a dating service, for friendship, Milton Bradley pairs participants based on questionnaires, and provides a platform for safe and easy communication. Whether talking to a new friend across the country, 
or across the globe, the platform provides chat and video features, translation abilities, and online games. The app also includes its own open-source resource guide for country and cultural information to improve communication and cross-culture appreciation.

MB Penpals App reinforces our mission of connecting people through collaborative learning by safely introducing peers across borders, and languages, as well as promoting cultural education.

Penpals is unique from other similar apps in that it focuses on educating about the countries, for a more appropriate and respectful connection between people. 

SER.2  |  service

Connecting people across the globe.

MB Circuits Kit.jpg

Friends hold hands to connect the circuit and turn on a string of lights.

MB Circuits Kit

PRO.1  |  product

Hold hands to connect the circuit in this interactive electricity experimentation kit.

This interactive science experiment kit explores electricity and the human body.  Not to be completed solo, young scientists must hold hands, or touch elbows to pass the gentle current through their bodies to complete various tasks such as turning on a light bulb, or running a fan.

The MB Contact Circuits Kit reinforces our mission of collaborative learning by encouraging and requiring students to work together in order to accomplish the activities and see the rewards.

Comparable to: Snap Circuits // Homeschool Science Tools // Smart Lab

Differing from Snap Circuits and Smart Lab which also carry children’s electricity experiments and activity kits, MB Contact Circuits Kit establishes teamwork while learning science to practice early on cooperative experimenting.

Ages: 8-13

MB Office Connections.jpg

Office-mates walk on the beach during a break in their game of ultimate frisbee.

MB Office Connections

EXP.2  |  experience

Give coworkers have a chance to build relationships outside of work and play together.

Teamworking classes will be taught to co-
workers to help them get to know one another and form a closer bond for improved productivity and creativity in the workplace. Beyond just trust falls and sharing sticks, participants will play sports together, and compete in trivia competitions all the while building and learning about each other.

MB Office Connections reinforce our mission of bringing people together through play by fostering positive relationships and collaboration in a fun and cooperative environment.

Comparable to: Team Bonding // Venture Team Building // Wildly Different

MB Office Connections brings a less structured approach than competitors. Instead we offer a Montessori style environment where individuals can choose their activities.  When they are more relaxed and having fun, those personal relationships will improve on their own.

Ages: adult

MB Parenting Classes.jpg

A mom practices teaching techniques learning during class to connect with her daughter.

MB Parenting Classes

EDU.2  |  educational opportunity

Resources for new and experienced parents to help them shape their children into the best adults they can.

Classes are hosted for a variety of parental needs including baby care, early elementary schoolwork, adolescent mental health, and more.  We strive to foster an ongoing community of parents no matter the age of their children.  Our classes will provide parental support as well as education expertise.

MB Parenting Classes reinforce our mission to provide collaborative and supportive education for all ages by hosting classes for parents to help them learn to be effective parents.

Comparable to: First 5 // Family Paths // Life Matters

What makes Milton Bradley’s Parenting Classes unique is the long-term end goal for our parents.  We don’t just provide classes for parents with babies, but help parents at all stages support their children’s growth and help them because better citizens of tomorrow.


Workshops will be held at MB Labs

Ages: adult

MB Graffiti Tour & Class.jpg

A woman adds to a group mural after touring the town.

MB Graffiti Tour & Class

EXP.1  |  experience

Take a tour of your city’s murals to learn about the your community.  Tours will end with a group beautification project of their own community mural.

Cities across the county are utilizing local artists to beautify the city with socially conscious and artistic building murals to tell a story of the community.  MB Graffiti Tour will start with a walking tour of the local community to admire and discuss the murals present, then end with an art lesson and participation in a community art mural as part of the city’s beautification.

MB Graffiti Tour & Class reinforces our mission of learning together through creativity by bringing neighbors together for a community art project and learning about their own community in the process.

Comparable to: Wild SF Tours // Bombing Science // LA Art Tours // Graffiti Mundo

By combining appreciation of current artists work throughout the city and contributing their own, participants gain a unique and valuable connection with their neighborhood.

Ages: 13-99

MB Creative Connections Fair.jpg

Visitors walk down the main corridor of the fair, exploring educational and store booths.

MB Creative Connections Fair

EVT.1  |  event

Come together with your community to celebrate innovation, and experience the exciting world of art and science.

An annual fair hosted in city centers across the country allows families to gather for a weekend of learning, sharing, and creating. Artists, Scientists and more gather to give workshops, and learn from one another.

The MB Creative Connections Fair reinforces our mission of collaborative learning through play by bringing together a community of experts and enthusiasts for a fun filled event to share and learn new innovations in science and art fields.

Comparable to: Makers Faire // USA Science & Engineering Festival // STEM Expo // Kinetic Sculpture Race

Unique from other similar community fairs, the Milton Bradley Creative Connections Fair focuses equally on science and art and the connections between both. 

Ages: 2-99

MB Educators Conference.jpg

A teacher asks fa question during a presentation

MB Educators Conference

EVT.2  |  event

An annual meeting-of-the-minds where educators of all sorts can come together for a week of learning, sharing, and enrichment.

Educators of all kinds are welcome to attend
the annual conference and help shape our education system for the future. The conference will include workshops, sharing session, as well as keynote speakers.

The MB Educators Conference reinforce our mission statement of collaboration through education by brining teachers and experts together to create improved learning environments for students everywhere.

Comparable to: California Teacher’s Association // Magna Publications // NSTA

Milton Bradley’s conference stands apart from the competition because we strive to bring together educators of all kinds to create a united and innovative future of education for children everywhere. 

Ages: adult

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