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The heart of our company is education and learning through play. Since the 1800s we strive to provide opportunities for audiences to play and learn together. Below is a list of potential opportunities focused around education which Milton Bradley can explore to further reinforce our mission and provide support to the community in fun ways.

MB_educate chart.png

MB PlayVille Amusement Park

This amusement park is all about family’s coming together to have fun and explore, all the while learning.  Not just pure entertainment, MB PlayVille focuses on hands-on STEAM experiments and opportunities for both kids and grown-ups alike to learn through play.

MB PlayVille Amusement Park reinforces our mission of learning through play by offering numerous rides and experiences that feel like play for all ages, but also provide an educational opportunity.

Unlike Lego Land and the Exploratorium in San Francisco which both focus
on a younger audience, MB PlayVille will provide playful learning opportunities for kids and adults alike. By learning together with your family, you are more likely to retain the knowledge, and continue interacting together
to learn in new and fun ways.


ENV.2  |  environment

Family vacations should be fun, but they can also be educational!

MB Wii Learn

Together with Nintendo, we will get kids up and moving while they learn. These new series of games are played on the Nintendo game console, featuring Math Golf, Vocabulary Bonaza, and Geography Bowling.

MB Wii Learn reinforces our mission of fostering learning through play by providing active games that teach while requiring physical movement for 
a fun and unique learning environment.

While there are plenty of computer video games with educational messages and puzzles to solve, including movement and interacting with other players makes Milton Bradley and Nintendo’s Wii Learn games unique in the industry.

CBO.2 | co-branding opportunity

Utilizing kinetic learning, video games have never been this interactive and educational.

MB Outdoor School

School kids will come together to explore outside and utilize the real world to capitalize on teachable moments and support classroom learning. With a field trip to the MB Outdoor School, classes will practice their same lessons from class-time but in a new setting and with different technique to improve learning for all students. 

MB Outdoor School reinforces our mission of learning through play by providing fun and engaging new ways to look at standard classroom lessons and inspire kids through fun. 

While many outdoor schools focus on nature appreciation and environmental education, Milton Bradley will focus on utilizing the world around us to support more standard education lessons such as math, writing, and history.

ENV.3 | environment

Some of the best learning can happen outside the classroom, so why not bring the classroom outside?

MB Adopt-a-grandparent

The MB Adopt-A-Grapdparent program reinforces our mission of collaboration for a life-long pursuit of learning by bringing generations together to share knowledge and have fun together. Whether reading a story together, doing an arts and craft project, or playing a game together, participants are sure to form a bond, and learn together.

MB Adopt-A-Grandparent is unique from other mentoring programs because it fosters a 2-way street of benefits for both members in the partnership.  This program is not only about providing mentorship and support for young students, but also providing companionship and stimulation for senior citizens of our community.

Funded by Milton Bradly, elementary students will be paired with nearby retirement homes to visit and connect the generations.  There, students will practice reading to their adopted grandparents, or make a painting with them.  The interaction will not only form needed social interactions for all participants, but will encourage trying new things and supporting the community.

EXP.1  |  experience

Bringing generations together for mentorship, companionship, and community.